Why Do-It-Yourself Memorials & Funerals?

More Meaningful, Personal & Lasting

  • Every life is unique and has a story to tell.
  • A memorial service lovingly planned by family and friends, and held in a location special to the loved one, is a legacy that long remains.
  • Instead of the traditional funeral at a funeral home, make the celebration of life more intimate and family centered.


More Flexibility

  • Choosing how to honor a life’s legacy is deeply personal; who knows your loved one better than you? The only limitation is your imagination.
  • Create a personalized memorial from the comfort of your home – plan it all at once, or take your time if you feel overwhelmed.
  • With hundreds of poems, prayers and music choices, you can create a service that conforms to any religion, tradition or ritual.


More Cost Effective

  • With the average funeral costing $6,000-8,000, a simple direct cremation and a DIY memorial is more affordable.

More Control

  • Celebrate Me Home encourages families to discuss how they want to be remembered.   It helps loved ones know their wishes will be met and reduces stress on their families.
  • With cremation there is no urgency for a memorial service, family and friends can focus on their healing and good memories.
  • Consider a Living Life Celebration, while you are still here. Enjoy time during your final days with family and friends, and be an active participant in telling your story.


We’re Here to Help

Whether you are planning for a loved one, planning ahead for yourself, or creating a Living Life Celebration, Celebrate Me Home is here to provide peace of mind and create meaningful memories for generations. Call us at 203-221-6885 for immediate assistance.

Gentle guidance is available for help in planning final wishes and to ensure all is in order.


Personalized Memorial Services

Celebrate Me Home has created Memorial Themes to assist in planning a memorial ceremony, or we can create a one-of-a-kind celebration of life.

View a Sample Memorial Service

Celebrate Me Home combines the perfect setting with favorite music, unique tributes and ceremonial events to create a very personalized meaningful celebration. Below is a sampling of our most popular themes and elements we’ve used in creating unique celebrations of life:


Popular Themes

  • Life Has Changed…Not Ended
  • Pushing Up Daisies
  • I Will Raise You Up
  • Out With a Bang
  • Forever Loved
  • The Way We Were
  • He’s a Keeper

Perfect Setting

  • Roaring Twenties Casino Night
  • Afternoon Tea and Cards
  • Brunch at Botanical Garden
  • Dinner Cruise at Sunset
  • Sunrise Service Over-Looking the Mountains
  • Wine Tasting at Favorite Winery
  • Memorial Golf Outing

Unique Tributes

  • Butterfly/Dove/Balloon Release
  • Sky Writing or Name a Star
  • Hot Air Lanterns
  • Quilt From Loved Ones Clothing
  • Decorates Cremation Scattering Tubes
  • Eternal Reefs

Ceremonial Events

  • Readings/Poems/Prayers
  • Bells & Chimes
  • Liturgical Dancers
  • Live or Recorded Music
  • Candle Service
  • Water Ceremony

What story do you want to tell?

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